Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We had to go register my youngest for school today. I also had to babysit a Friends 2 children today. So needless to say I got no sewing done. But I did get my house cleaned and my daughters room cleaned up. My daughter had a little Friend over to play this afternoon and luckily her room isn't trashed again. Thank goodness. I have been reading and tracing patterns out to use from a book called Sew The Contemporary Wardrobe for 18 inch dolls. It is by Joan Hinds. I actually finished tracing them and cutting all of them out this afternoon/ evening. It has full size patterns and instructions for 35 clothing and accessory items for 18 inch dolls. i hope to make my daughter some more doll clothes for Christmas again this year. Last year I made her a small box of dolly clothes. I worked on them in secret while she was at school each day. She loved them. And wants more. So I have a lot a work head of me. I also had to give my daughter a manicure and pedicure for back to school. Ands I trimmed her hair for her as well. She is such a big girl at 8. And wants to look like a million bucks on her first day back Thursday.


Mad4Sewing said...

Hi Tammy! It's Kelly from the Espire Group. Great blog! I had to post here cause I can see at least 4 or 5 fabrics in your pic that I have or had in my stash! LOL...great fabric.


Tammy said...

Thanks Kel. Thanks for checking out my blog.Tammy