Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday August 14, 2008

Today was a busy day as usual. Laundry, kids , cooking the usual suzy homemaker stuff. I also took the kids to the subdivison pool. Worked in my vegetable garden. I tried to upload some photos to flickr. I would eventually like to get them on here in flickr to do a slide show. Still got to figure that part out. I took some pictures today of my work /fabric cutting table. My husband and kids gave it to me for this past mothers day. As I am limited to space I do not have a section of it opened up. None the less I find it invalueable to my sewing room. it is so nice to be able to just leave a project out that I am working on. Without haveing to move it evertime I am through for then. As I had to do in the past when useing the kitchen table to cut out on. He got the table from Joaan's fabric. It is called the ultimate quilting center. What I really like is the door on one side that has shelves inside. I have my smocking pleater and smocking supplies and iron and ironing pad inside of it. And on the other side is drawers that pull out. It is so nice to have a place to store scissors and rulers and markers and pins and things. I also went through Savannah ( my daughter's ) closet and took out a bunch of things I have sewn for her. I managed to take pictures of everthing . I hope to get around to putting them on my blog soon. So everyone wish me luck figuring out how to get the flickr photos on here. I also cleaned up my sewing room somewhat today. I got all my sew beautiful and creative needle magazines organized by date of isssues in my magazine holders. They were everywhere as I have been lookin in them for back to school and fall ideas. it was so nice this afternoon my daughter and I went outside to play for a bit. Tammy


jenniferadams said...

Where'd you purchase your sewing furniture?

Tammy said...

Jennifer, I got my cutting / quilting table from Joann's. They do not have it online. I found it in the store. I looked online and they kept saying it was discontinued. But we went to a few Joann's and found it in store. The table I use for the machines is just a fold up banquet table for Forty bucks from Sams. I had it for several years now. The pattern shelf was given to me . It is old and I had to repaint it. The top shelf I had ribbons and lace trim in came from AC Moore. It came in a box and I had to put it together. It works great.