Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday August 15, 2008 4:45pm

I have worked on my blog most of the morning. I worked in the vegetable garden first though . Picked lots of little cherry tomatoes. Oh how I love them. Cut them in half put them in a bowl with a splash of baslamic vinegar and a dash of salt. Then enjoy eating them. What a wonderful healthy snack. It tastes great, is good for you and is grown organicly. What could be better. oh how I will those fresh veggies when my gardeing season comes to a end. And did my daily load of laundry and ironing.
As far as working on my blog. I finally figured out the flicker photo share sight. I got all my pics that I am allowed in there for the month posted and organized. I also now have those posted on here. You will find it in on the left hand side of my blog. Go Check them out. One is a family album and the other is album of things I have created . I don't have pics of everthing I have ever done. Just some of the stuff over the past couple years. I was never smart enough to take pics of my work before. But nowI know better. So I will try to take pics of all my creations and post them here as I work on them.
This afternoon I took my daughter to the pool to swim for a couple hours. As I got a chance to socialize with some of my fellow neighborhood stay at home moms. It is so nice to live in a community where almost everyone knows each other and the kids can all play together. My daughter has such fun at the pool. She is a little fish. She will miss the pool so much as summer comes to an end and school starts back up next week. We have a few more days to squeeze in swimming time. So I will try to take her daily if possible. It is such good exercise for her. I will try to post often here on the blog. So everyone can stay up to date as to whats going on around here wtih us. Tammy

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