Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well I could not sleep. So I spent a few hours last night going through a huge plastic Rubbermaid bin full of old vintage patterns I have collected over the years. I have decided I really do love those old styles. I noticed every single dress and blouse almost ll used long 22 inch zipper sin the backs for closure. Wish I knew how to convert the backs with button closures instead of the long expensive zippers. Unsure how to do that. Unless I used buttons down the entire back length of the dress. Boy would that be a ton of buttons ans it would distract from the dress looks. Oh well just a thought. I found a neat blog today while reading and searching this morning. It has a great tutorial on it for pin cousins too. Here is the link to the blog. Go check it out. Wonderful to see so many crafty women on line with blogs. Nice to know I'm not the only young woman in the world that loves to sew.
I need to start a link maybe on my blog that links back to others blogs with tutorials. I'm sure some of you crafty momas out there would enjoy it and learn from these lady's like I do. Tammy

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today and yesterday makes for a very busy weekend. we have been rearrange and swapping my daughters larger bedroom with my sewing / work out room. My sewing room was way too small. Her bedroom was much larger than what she needed . Esp since she has long ago outgrown all those little toys that were taking up space everywhere. She also outgrew her table and chairs she had for dolly's tea party. So I had the bright idea for a while now of swapping the rooms out. I cleaned and got things ready all day yesterday then today we moved everything into the new rooms and into place. I have it all done except for swapping the closets out. I will post pics soon of the newer more improved sewing room. The only draw backs to the bigger room are. Less natural lighting and I hate the color of the walls in there. It was painted her favorite. Bright peptobismal looking pink. I will miss my nice soothing salmon colored walls. Eventually I hope to be able to get my sewing room repainted. But that's quiet a ways off. I'm not ready to do that quiet yet. I have not had a chance to sew all weekend. Hope to get some sewing done this week and finish the outfit I am currently working on.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I started working on a shirt yesterday that I had cut out Monday. We had bad storms last night. it is still raining today. I have hopes of finishing the shirt today. It is a super cute print. It is made with one of the newer patterns I bought recently. It reminds me of the stuff we wore in the 70's growing up. I was busy canning yesterday. i put up 1 quart of okra in the freezer and 1 quart jar of string beans and 4 pint jars of string beans from my garden. I also have the dehydrator loaded down with tomatoes, peers, figs and a few grapes and apples. The dehydrated tomatoes will go in soups and stews this winter. The dehydrated fruit; my daughter and I love to snack on it. The kids get out of school early today. So I may not get too much accomplished around here.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I finally finished the patchwork twirl skirt that goes with the multicolored bug Capri set. No pics yet. Will post when I take them. I have ween trimming a few new fall patterns out. Today I went to Hancock's fabric Store. I bought 10 of the Butterick patterns they had on sale for .99 cents a piece. #1 see and sew pattern and a few pieces of fabric. Yes I too suffer from pattern and fabric addiction like most seamstresses do. The paste few days I have been surfing the web on boutique sites trying to get some inspiration for a few new outfits. Still not sure what my next project will be. But I can promise you it will be soon. And as always I will post what I am making and some pics of the completed project.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today has been a busy day as always. Lots of laundry and cleaning and gardening to do. I have been working on making some applique designs to hopefully use on some upcoming sewing projects.They are turning out pretty good for the most part. just extremely time consuming. I also trimmed a pattern out today for a little dress for my daughter. I haven't had a chance to sew the past couple days. Yesterday was a holiday and the whole family was here . So needles to say no sewing was done. Tammy