Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Sewing Room

Ok guess I messed something up this was schedueled to be posted last week. Which oviously never happend.  the cutting table is now cleaner as I took the  foldable pining board off of it since I was through sewing the baby stuff and no longer needed it up their .My sewing room is a mess and stays a mess. Sorry folks it is the one room in my house that is a total disaster. Other wise my home is very neat and all ways in place. I have never been able to achieve this in the sewing area though.  I just have too much stuff. And yes I need it all. Even when clean it is still a disaster.  My sewing room is upstairs in the huge bonus room... It is a dual purpose room. Part sewing room and Part work out room.  I am gonna try and post a few  pictures.  It is a large room  and I have kinda got it divided into areas.
My machine embroidery area. I used to  do a lot of embroidery when both my kids were in school during the day. I ran a at home monogramming business. All that was before we moved here . Life was so much simpler then.
To the left of my embroidery machine  is my embroidery supplies  and my books and patterns area
OK on the wall getting to this area is where my paper crafting  area is. I also have my sewing machine accessories in these drawers
Now to the right of this area is where my sewing and sergeing are done.

Now to the right of the sewing machine is my cutting table and prep area.
Now to the right of this area is where my daughter does her art work at. Painting and drawing. This is hat she was working on last weekend. it is supposed to be an Egyptian lady.
To the right of this is the television . So we can watch while we are working out.  All the workout equipment is on the wall to the left .
When you come into the sewing room to the right is where my mannequin is. $10.00 off of Craigs list. I currently have her decorated with a huge flower bouquet a little girl gave my daughter. I didn't know where else to put it. So for now it lives on the mannequin.
And that folks is my sewing room or studio which ever you prefer to call it. Purely functional. No decorating to it...Maybe one day I will get it all repainted as I do not like the color of it and maybe one day I will get some new curtains or toppers hung. But for now it works  as is. I hope you all liked the tour of my sewing room. I always love to see where people create. Of course mine is not near colorful or exciteing as a lot of them I see online.  
Until next time keep on sewing & and  quilting
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Baby Gifts Finished

Well yesterday I was able to get the taggie lovey made. It is pink Minky dot on one side and a light pink 2 toned polka dot on the other. These are so cute. It seems every time I give one of these as gifts I get rave reviews on them.  They seem to be a popular baby item. This went together perfectly . No problems at all. No   pattern used.

Now today I had such a  headache trying to get the blanket made. I have never had a problem making these before. But for some reason I just couldn't get it  laid right and pinned right. You have to pin baste it before you sew it... I always use my walking foot also when I sew Minky. It is a life saver. I ended up having to rip out the entire blanket and re sew it. as I discovered it had shifted on the Minnie Mouse fabric side/ and looked horrible.  Thank goodness I am through with the blanket as of right now I do not like it very much at all. Just because it was such a pain.  I hope the Niece will like it ...But I know she will. Because she has been at all the other baby showers and seen these and have always ooohed and awwdd at everything.  So now is her turn.  She is doing the baby's nursery in Pink Minnie Mouse. This was the only Minnie Mouse fabric I found at Joann's.  I have allready bought her a few other items to go with her gifts.  I may still make a few more items though. Just depends on how I feel, and how much time I get to spend int eh sewing room. Here is the picture of the Minky blanket .
Until My next post keep on sewing & quilting. 
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Shower Sewing

Today I was able to get some more sewing accomplished for my nieces upcoming baby Shower.  I had all ready had all the bibs cut out. I just needed to get them assembled. I used flannel that I  had gotten at Joann's fabrics a few weeks back.   I made 8 of the smaller bibs and 7 of the larger sized bibs.
They are all done in shades of pinks, lavender, purples and then their is a printed one also. 

Here is a picture of the contoured baby burp cloths I also made. Their are 7 of the Burp cloths. They are made out of the same flannels that the bibs are made from.  I made these a few days back but had not had a chance to photograph them as of yet.  ... Next I plan to either work on the minky baby quilt or either the home made  reusable flannel baby wipes. I would also like to make one of those little taggy baby lovee's. And I haven't thought much further than that.  Until next time keep on sewing and quilting.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jenny Of Elefantz has a new free BOM

Have you all seen Jenny's new Shabby Roses Home free BOM. She blogs over at Jenny of Elefantz Designs.

If you haven't been to her blog you must go visit her. This is gonna be very pretty. I am gonna join in. This will be my very first BOM to join.  I just couldn't resist. It is so adorble I lvoe Jenny's style. She has the cutest patterns available in her Craftsy shop.

Friday, July 12, 2013

New project started and old project finishing up

I am finishing up on my mug rugs Breast Cancer awareness project for The Breast Care Center. Just a couple more small  things to be done. Before I set up the delivery date. Can"t wait. I am so excited  to be so close to finishing this. I'm not a fast person by any means as I get so easily distrated and have my hands full with the kids, house and animals and huge amounts of yard work to constantly be done here.  I snapped a quick picture of  a stack of some of the completed mug rugs on yesterday. I had stacked  them on my daughters arts table she has set up in my studio room.

 Also I started work on  a new project yesterday as well. I have to make some baby items by one of my neices upcomeing baby shower. She is haveing a baby girl. They have picked out the name Autumn...  They have decided to  do her  nursery in  minie mouse. So alongside the mug rugs I put the baby wash cloths I cut out and made from Terry cloth.  3 different colors pink, lavender and turquoise.  I have made these for several others and they told me after useing mine they tossed the store bought ones. That these have held up a very long time  and are much thicker and nicer.  So I figured 4 of each should be about enough.  Here is a closer up picture of those baby wash cloths.

I have also purchased some flannels that I wll cut out and make her burp cloths out of and possibly some matching bibs as well.   I hope all of you have a fabulous day surrounded by family, fabric & fun.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Good things in the post

 I received a beautiful mug rug from Rhonda  who blogs over at Ravelly1 blog   It was a gorgeous patriotic mug rug....I love patriotic stuff and so does my husband. If you have never been to Rhonda's blog please go check her out and leave her  some love. She makes the  most beautiful mug rugs.  I won her spring mug rug in the spring giveaway  which sits on my desk and is what motivated me to start making them.
Now isn't this just stunning. Thank you sew sew much Rhonda. My husband loves it. Rhonda has been makeing the most stunningly real looking fish  appliques over on her blog.  You really have to go check them out. Please tell her I sent you if her site is new to you. Also please consider following my blog. You will find the buttons to the left. Several options their to follow with.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My chance to go Thrift today

Today was the day to take my son to the city to see his specialist. I don't know if I have ever mentione dit or not. But my son is a special needs child he hasAutism and  a lot of other health problems . The long drive really   makes for a long day. We have a 2 hours drive their and a 2 hours drive back.  We did get to go visit my favorite thrift shop while their. I actually found a piece of fabric. It was a yard for $1.25 only one piece like it. Also got a couple shirts for me and the daughter  on sale for $1.00  each. My kind of shopping. I am not sure what type of fabric it is that I bought. It looks like and feels like linen but is slightly stiffer. I am sur eit must be for home decor but who knows?  Could be from being starched by previous owner for all I know. A gorgeous beige color. With a really cute selvage and very pretty blue flowers  printed on it. 

So that was my lovely and only piece of fabric I got to buy.  They only had 2 other pieces and they were polyester...No thank you to that. I wore enough of it as a child and am now allergic  to polyester. Polyesteritis...It makes me sick just to think about sewing with it.
And yes we did get a little rain today as we drove home. It was also very very hot. The thermometer in the  car read 97 degrees. We are all so very very sick of all of this rain.
  On a happy note I did get to sit and make some hexi's as I waited on my daughter at play practice this evening. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blog sure needs some updated sewing room photos

Looking at my blog I realize all of my pictures of the sewing room and house and everthing were all taken at the old house  where we used to live several years ago. I really do need to take some new pictures of the sewing room I guess...I sure do miss my old house sometimes but not all the commotion of living in such a large subdivison in a large town. I really enjoy the peace and quiet  where we now live here in this  rural setting. With 2 acres which is big enough for us and almost too big to take care of...But it was a great move for the kids and for us and to be close to family again. So sometime soon I hope to be able to get some new photos posted of everything. I am gonna try and post more often ...There may be gaps though as I am currently dealing with my breast cancer and faceing  more surgery soon.  Please follow my blog via  the links that are located on the side bar.

Happy Fourth Of July & some good luck too

With all the bad luck I have had going in my personal life as of lately. Which I will  not go into all those details here. Lets just say I got some fabulous good news today.  I all ways follow the blog hops that Madame Samm who blogs  over at all ways hosts. Her hops are the best. Full of great creativity, wonderful projects and you get to meet the most creative blog owners.   Well quiet a while back in time I started following carol @ her blog  She has a wonderful blog and she seems to participate in all of the hops. This lady is very talented. If you haven't visited her before please hop over to her blog and say hi. The latest blog hop was the Stamp On It.  Carol gave away a prize as part of her day of participating. It seems I am the winner. What did I win you wonder.
Hmmm a fabulous  and very generous  gift certificate for $20.00 to a new to me quilt shop called  Quilt Taffy. I had never heard of it before. Carol gives it rave reviews.  So I had to rush over their to check them out.  The  owner is named Corrie and she has a huge fabulous selection of fabrics and supplies for sale. Here is her link so please go check out her shop.  I found some beautiful fabrics over their and fell in love with some  new to me fabrics.
   Just thought I would share my fabulous luck.  Thank you Carol and Corrie too. Happy Fourth of July to everyone. Hope your day is fabulous. 
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