Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My chance to go Thrift today

Today was the day to take my son to the city to see his specialist. I don't know if I have ever mentione dit or not. But my son is a special needs child he hasAutism and  a lot of other health problems . The long drive really   makes for a long day. We have a 2 hours drive their and a 2 hours drive back.  We did get to go visit my favorite thrift shop while their. I actually found a piece of fabric. It was a yard for $1.25 only one piece like it. Also got a couple shirts for me and the daughter  on sale for $1.00  each. My kind of shopping. I am not sure what type of fabric it is that I bought. It looks like and feels like linen but is slightly stiffer. I am sur eit must be for home decor but who knows?  Could be from being starched by previous owner for all I know. A gorgeous beige color. With a really cute selvage and very pretty blue flowers  printed on it. 

So that was my lovely and only piece of fabric I got to buy.  They only had 2 other pieces and they were polyester...No thank you to that. I wore enough of it as a child and am now allergic  to polyester. Polyesteritis...It makes me sick just to think about sewing with it.
And yes we did get a little rain today as we drove home. It was also very very hot. The thermometer in the  car read 97 degrees. We are all so very very sick of all of this rain.
  On a happy note I did get to sit and make some hexi's as I waited on my daughter at play practice this evening. 


StitchinByTheLake said...

I love thrift shopping too Tammy but rarely get to go any more. Pretty fabric! Blessings, Marlene

Janine said...

That was a long a drive but your fabric is a wonderful bargain! Hope some lovely sunny weather comes your way soon :)