Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Monday, June 17, 2013

What A Fabulous Surprise

What a fabulous surprise I received today. I don't know if you all know or not but I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in my right breast. I underwent partial mastectomy on May 31st to the right breast and a excisional biopsy of a suspicious lump in my left breast. I went back to see my breast surgeon on the 13th of this month for checkup and to get my pathology reports. The good news was the left breast biopsy came back benign. The bad news was 5 of the margins and all the tissue from underneath the nipple area came back positive for cancer cells. I was informed I now have to have a total mastectomy to the right breast. So now to try to get a plastic surgeon who will work on the reconstruction I am going to need done. . My breast surgeon told me I will have to have a tissue expander placed in. Not looking forward to any of this..At 43 this is the last thing I ever wanted to go through. Went through all of this 10 years ago with my baby sister had breast cancer & mastectomy with reconstruction of her right breast. I am still hard at work on the Breast Cancer Awareness Mug Rug Project for The Breast Care Center. 
Kathy over at Kwilty Pleasures has been a great help to me . She was the first one to send me scraps to get started on this project. She is a sweet and very talented quilter . I have grown to think of her as a fabulous friend and mentor; since I first discovered her blog and started following her. She knows what all I have been going through emotionally. This diagnoses brings lots of ups and downs. And mostly downs here lately.  Well today I open my front door and what is setting their but this wonderful package from Kathy to me..And I'm like hmmm wonder what that is not expecting anything. Kathy has blown my mind with her loving and generous spirit. She sends me the most beautiful note. And a gorgeous quilt for me &  a beautiful scarf from when she walked in the Susan G Komen Race . And some more scraps for my project. All I could do was sit down and cry. She stopped me in my tracks ...To think this wonderful lady I have never even met in real life thought enough of me to do this for me. I couldn't believe she knew exactly how I was feeling and how emotional I am right now....Thank you Kathy for everything..You are an amazing and inspiring person.  May you be blessed forever and always for you have a loving and generous soul.      You have made a huge difference in my life Kathy. And you gave me what I needed most some good news and a huge pick me up.   Now I emailed Kathy right away to thank her. And I wanted to share what I told her.
    " My sister asked me recently what she could do for me . Was their any special thing I wanted that I couldn't have. I told her yes but she couldn't give it to me . She asked what was it. I told her I wanted a quilt. She has never sewn a stitch in her life and would probably poke her eye out if she Love her but she has no interest in this sewing and quilting that I love so dearly. . She's a fabulous geriatrics Nurse & has worked with her big baby's at the same nursing home for 16 years . Her first and only job. She said well can't you just buy one. I said no I wanted a breast cancer awareness quilt. And You can't just buy em. People only make em to donate to the various Charity's to auction off to raise money. And low and behold what do I have here. But a beautiful quilt that was made by loving hands just for me "  I can't wait to tell my sister and show her the gorgeous quilt Kathy sent to me today. 

Keep on sewing and quilting .

Breast Cancer Awareness Mug Rugs Update

I have been working hard at my mug rug project.  I have completed a lot of them. With out counting them I am guessing I have about half of them completed that I will need for The Breast Care Center. I am gonna post a few pictures of some of the last ones I completed last week. Thank you to all of you who donated some scraps to  help with my project. I greatly appreciate your generosity. It will be what has made this project possible for me. So sending big hugs & thank yous to those of you whom have helped me out. Without further ado here are some pictures.