Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well here is a new pic of the project i was working on. Multi colored bug print. I am still working on a patchwork twirl skirt to go with it though. that is still a work in progress. But as always I will post the finished pic once it is completed. My daughter loved wearing this Capri set Friday. I finished it late Thursday night. The bright colors looked so good on her. Tammy

Thursday, August 28, 2008

close up of front of dress details

Here is a close up of the dress front and a pic of one of the yo yo's I am makeing for the capri set I am currently working on and hopeing to finish tonight.


I finally finished the pink dress I was working on. I will post the pics of the completed dress. My daughter just had to wear it to school today. it turned out so cute. She said it was cool to wear. I got several compliments on it this afternoon. I am currently working on a new multicolored bug Capri set. It is coming along great. I hope to be able to stay up and finish it tonight if all goes as planned. I am making yo yo's for embellishment on the pant cuffs and for the shirt. Well maybe depends on how they look when finished and if I like what they look like on the outfit. I just never know how my items will end up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well I have been so busy as of late. Too much to do . I worked on 18 inch doll clothes Thursday night and all day long Friday. My friends little girl was having a birthday.She had received a American Girls Doll. So I had the bright idea I would make her a few outfits for her new doll.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We had to go register my youngest for school today. I also had to babysit a Friends 2 children today. So needless to say I got no sewing done. But I did get my house cleaned and my daughters room cleaned up. My daughter had a little Friend over to play this afternoon and luckily her room isn't trashed again. Thank goodness. I have been reading and tracing patterns out to use from a book called Sew The Contemporary Wardrobe for 18 inch dolls. It is by Joan Hinds. I actually finished tracing them and cutting all of them out this afternoon/ evening. It has full size patterns and instructions for 35 clothing and accessory items for 18 inch dolls. i hope to make my daughter some more doll clothes for Christmas again this year. Last year I made her a small box of dolly clothes. I worked on them in secret while she was at school each day. She loved them. And wants more. So I have a lot a work head of me. I also had to give my daughter a manicure and pedicure for back to school. Ands I trimmed her hair for her as well. She is such a big girl at 8. And wants to look like a million bucks on her first day back Thursday.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today was so busy. Lot's of errands to run and had to go get my allergy shot as well.We went to Hobby lobby today. They are currently running the McCall's line of sewing patterns on sale for 99 cents a piece. Limit 10. So we went to get 10. I got some cute patterns. Only one is for me it is a bag pattern. All the others are for my daughter. The only time i buys commercial patterns are when they run them on sale. That is like getting 10 for a Little less than I can buy 1 normally. Great deal. I didn't get to do any sewing today. But I did get 2 of the patterns trimmed out so far. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some more sewing done on my new project that i posted the pics of last night. Tammy

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sunday part 2

I forgot to add this other pic I took of this project.


It has been a cloudy overcast day here for the most part. I went to the gym today and ran 4.10 miles. And did weights in additon to my other normal exercise and stretch routine. We went to the pool briefly the water was much too cold to swim in. After last nights rain. After we got back it started raing and we had a thunder storm. I finally got a chance to go up to my sewing room and get started on aonther project. I cut it out a couple weeks back. But was busy doing other things . This was first chance I had got to sit down and actually work on it...It is a simplicity pattern. A dress I am makeing view A. It is simplicity pattern number 2909. I think it is so cute. I am makeing it slightly different though. I just love the fabric I chose. It is very colorful , and a nice soft thin cotton fabric. It should be so nice and cool for my daughter to wear to school. As it can stay warm here until November. She will be needing nice cool things for school for a while yet. I have so far made and attached the pockets to the front. I decided to do a decorative zig zag stitch around the outside of the pockets in the yellow to compliment the rick rack. I have got a small ruffle added to the insert piece that goes in to the front and I have got the insert pinned into place ont he front. I need to sew the insert into place next. I will try to post more pics as I get to work on the dress. Tammy

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well my day has come to an end. And it is actually 12:18 a.m. Sunday offficially I guess. Long day. Once again no chance to sew. So much to do as school begins this coming week. I got up early to the sound of the house burgular alarm going off. My son decicded to wake up and take the dog out to potty before geting us to turn off the alarm. Had to feed the kids and dog and turtles breakfast. Then get ready to head to the gym for a 2 hour workout. Running, 2 sessions of strectching our exercise rountine and of course weights. and Pull ups. Oh those are a killer for sure. The true test of upper body strength. Never thought I'd ever be able to do those. Guess what I proved myself wrong quiet a while back. Shower then home to get kids showered and dressed. Off to get my son and husbands hair cut. Quicky lunch. I was good only had a small ceasar side salad at Wendys. My daugher had the same thing. She seems to be on a diet at 8 1/2...She put her self on one. Someone told her she was getting pudgy. She has lost about 5 lbs this summer. She is so proud of herself. And I am proud of her too.. Then we had to go to a couple stores to pick up glass canning jars and some grocery items. If I don't get the canning jars now . They will all be sold out before jelly makeing season arrives. I had a horriable time last year finding jars. i finally had to just quit makeing jellys and preserves due to lack of finding jars to put it in. It seems like every year I can more and more things. Then back home to cook. I also had to run to the garden and water it and pick a few things that were ready. I had to make my famous crock pot macaronie and cheese and baked a huge pear cobbler . ( pears I canned last year of course in jars.) We were going to a cook out at our neighbors house. They provided the meats for our cookouts and the rest of us provided all the sides and deserts and paper items and so fourth. The cobbler was yummy with vanilla ice cream on top. We all had a lovely time. The kids played and played as usual. They have so much frun all gettting together like that. There are 5 families that participate in our cul -de -sac gaterings. So good food, good company and good times abound. Our last cookout before school begins. Well I blew my diet tonight with cobbler and ice cream for sure and pasta in the pasta salad and 1 roll. Bad carbs for sure. I hope I don't gain 5 lbs tonight. Well that was my busy Saturday. Tomorrow will be more relaxed for sure. I ned to get back to my sewing room. And get to work. So much I want to sew and too little time to do it in. Tammy

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday August 15, 2008 4:45pm

I have worked on my blog most of the morning. I worked in the vegetable garden first though . Picked lots of little cherry tomatoes. Oh how I love them. Cut them in half put them in a bowl with a splash of baslamic vinegar and a dash of salt. Then enjoy eating them. What a wonderful healthy snack. It tastes great, is good for you and is grown organicly. What could be better. oh how I will those fresh veggies when my gardeing season comes to a end. And did my daily load of laundry and ironing.
As far as working on my blog. I finally figured out the flicker photo share sight. I got all my pics that I am allowed in there for the month posted and organized. I also now have those posted on here. You will find it in on the left hand side of my blog. Go Check them out. One is a family album and the other is album of things I have created . I don't have pics of everthing I have ever done. Just some of the stuff over the past couple years. I was never smart enough to take pics of my work before. But nowI know better. So I will try to take pics of all my creations and post them here as I work on them.
This afternoon I took my daughter to the pool to swim for a couple hours. As I got a chance to socialize with some of my fellow neighborhood stay at home moms. It is so nice to live in a community where almost everyone knows each other and the kids can all play together. My daughter has such fun at the pool. She is a little fish. She will miss the pool so much as summer comes to an end and school starts back up next week. We have a few more days to squeeze in swimming time. So I will try to take her daily if possible. It is such good exercise for her. I will try to post often here on the blog. So everyone can stay up to date as to whats going on around here wtih us. Tammy

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday August 14, 2008

Today was a busy day as usual. Laundry, kids , cooking the usual suzy homemaker stuff. I also took the kids to the subdivison pool. Worked in my vegetable garden. I tried to upload some photos to flickr. I would eventually like to get them on here in flickr to do a slide show. Still got to figure that part out. I took some pictures today of my work /fabric cutting table. My husband and kids gave it to me for this past mothers day. As I am limited to space I do not have a section of it opened up. None the less I find it invalueable to my sewing room. it is so nice to be able to just leave a project out that I am working on. Without haveing to move it evertime I am through for then. As I had to do in the past when useing the kitchen table to cut out on. He got the table from Joaan's fabric. It is called the ultimate quilting center. What I really like is the door on one side that has shelves inside. I have my smocking pleater and smocking supplies and iron and ironing pad inside of it. And on the other side is drawers that pull out. It is so nice to have a place to store scissors and rulers and markers and pins and things. I also went through Savannah ( my daughter's ) closet and took out a bunch of things I have sewn for her. I managed to take pictures of everthing . I hope to get around to putting them on my blog soon. So everyone wish me luck figuring out how to get the flickr photos on here. I also cleaned up my sewing room somewhat today. I got all my sew beautiful and creative needle magazines organized by date of isssues in my magazine holders. They were everywhere as I have been lookin in them for back to school and fall ideas. it was so nice this afternoon my daughter and I went outside to play for a bit. Tammy

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what a day

It has been a long evening. I have worked on this blog forever ( as in all evening) minus the time I went for a run with my husband. We did 4 miles around our subdivison. The weather was nice and cool after the long rain we have had earlier. I also baked a pear cobbler tonight while working on the blog. Was trying to get some pics posted of some of my past sewing projects. So I hope u all enjoy what I have posted so far. Tammy

August 13, 2008

Well today has been a long rainy day. I have gotten lots acomplished. I canned 3 pints of string beans from my organic backyard garden. I also canned 6 quarts and 1 pint of tomatoes. I have been reading blogs and have decided to start my very own blog as of now. I really need to be sewing and designing. School starts back next week and I haave so much left to sew.. I have also been surfing for ideas today for new outfits. Last week i finally finished 2 smocked halter and capri sets for my daughter. They turned out great will post pics later as I still need to take them. Tammy