Sunday, August 17, 2008


It has been a cloudy overcast day here for the most part. I went to the gym today and ran 4.10 miles. And did weights in additon to my other normal exercise and stretch routine. We went to the pool briefly the water was much too cold to swim in. After last nights rain. After we got back it started raing and we had a thunder storm. I finally got a chance to go up to my sewing room and get started on aonther project. I cut it out a couple weeks back. But was busy doing other things . This was first chance I had got to sit down and actually work on it...It is a simplicity pattern. A dress I am makeing view A. It is simplicity pattern number 2909. I think it is so cute. I am makeing it slightly different though. I just love the fabric I chose. It is very colorful , and a nice soft thin cotton fabric. It should be so nice and cool for my daughter to wear to school. As it can stay warm here until November. She will be needing nice cool things for school for a while yet. I have so far made and attached the pockets to the front. I decided to do a decorative zig zag stitch around the outside of the pockets in the yellow to compliment the rick rack. I have got a small ruffle added to the insert piece that goes in to the front and I have got the insert pinned into place ont he front. I need to sew the insert into place next. I will try to post more pics as I get to work on the dress. Tammy

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