Monday, June 1, 2009

Link to my embroidey projects

Hi everyone. I Hope all of you are doing well. We are really enjoying our last week of school here. The kids are so excited that they will be out soon for the summer. We have a fabulous trip planned to Washington D.C. We've been before the kids love it there. So much to see and do. That will be our first big trip for summer. Our last big trip will be a Disney cruise to the Bahamas and Disney's own private island. The children will be swimming with Dolphins. They are so excited. Especially Savannah. She can hardly wait. There will be lots of mini weekends to the beach in between.
I have posted a direct link to my face book page it is on the right near my personal info section. Please go to the face book site to view my photo album there. it contains all of my embroidery projects. Well most of them anyway. So please go take a look. Let me know what you all think. I am having so much fun with this embroidery.
The children are both looking forward to being in a higher grade level next school year. She will be going to the 4th grade and he will be going to the 10th grade. She has made honor roll all year long and perfect attendance all year long. Connor's grades aren't as good as hers but they are still good. He doesn't apply his self like he should. Maybe I expect too much. I have had to learn that B's and a occasional c are ok ...But golly do I love A's ...All I ever made in school was A's so don't always understand why he doesn't want straight A's . Oh well boys go figure.
We love you and hope all of you take care and enjoy your summer.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009

Well it has been a bit since my last post. So so busy these days. Seems like their is hardly any time to do fun stuff. Like blogging, sewing, embroidering. i have been obsessed with getting a ton f embroidery designs and downloading them and cataloging them into my ancient laptop. Which was a big mistake. Because I ended up having to buy a new laptop as my software and it wasn't working out due to ancient technology. Now I am busy transferring designs over to the new laptop & trying to slowly but surely get them cataloged. I did embroider some very cute shirts for the children for Earth Day. I also embroidered some tops for my great niece for her on Easter outfits my sister was making for her. I haven't been able to run and workout like I used to due to some health issues of late. But hopefully soon everything will fall back into place.
Summer has arrived. We have been at the pool all weekend with the kids . Enjoying the upper 80 degree weather tremendously. The last 2 days though it has rained on and off. Yucky thunder and lightening storm during the night here. Everything is turning green. The flowers are a blooming here. The iris are gorgeous along with my amaryllis. I also have Asiatic Lillie's in bloom. Beautiful cream with pink on them. I plan to start on some new sewing projects soon. I recently learned I am to be a great Aunt again. I need to get started on some gorgeous little heirloom baby gowns for the expected arrival. I am thinking lots of embroidery and smocking . Of course and a new soft minke blanket. All new babies need nice soft cosy blankets . And being as I'm the great aunt and the most talented I was told that. I have already had my niece start to put in some requests for the little one to be. As you can tell this new baby is beginning to get me excited about sewing again. been so long since I made Little baby things. My last great niece is now 4 years old.
I learned today that my interview that was done with 5 minutes for mom has been published. I will try to paste the links here for that.

Oh boy my interview has to edited for spelling. Way too many typo's there. I gotta see what I can have done about that. Until my next post I hope everyone remains healthy & happy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday March 19, 2009

Well it has been a little while since I have posted. I have been extremely busy trying to download embroidery designs for my new Babylock Ellisimo embroidery machine. And get a computer that will work with my designers gallery program hooked up. Trying to catalog designs and so fourth and learn as much as possible about embroidery and make a few things in the process. I will post a few pics of my projects. I got a email newsletter today from You Can Make This .com it seems they will be launching a new sister site in April called you can Quilt This .com. It sounds awesome as part of launching their new site they will be giving away a free Marie Osmond Quilters Companion sewing machine by Janome. Oh what an awesome looking machine it is..If you guys aren't familiar with the You Can Make This .com site please go check it out. I have a link installed further down on my blog site that will take you directly to the new site and the original You Can Make site. They also have an awesome embroidery site as well it is called SWAK have tons of the coolest designs for embroidery machines and they have awesome freebies as well. And their are great tutorials on all of their sites. I can't rave enough about them so please go check it out guys.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Awesome news

Well I have had a busy crazy week. We got a call just a few days back from someone at John Casablancas modeling and career center. It seems they had a scout at the Mrs. Teen Columbia Padget. And they were very interested in my daughter. To the point of finding out our info for contact. So they wanted to schedule an appointment for us yesterday so she could interview and audition. So we passed that and go ta call back. today we had to go for our call back interview and to bring her portfolio. ..Well it has been 2 long days let me tell you. She wore one of my gorgeous custom creations last night and another one again this evening. The lady who is over the international modeling and talent search came up to us last night in the hallway before it even began and started talking to Savannah and wished her luck. She also did part of Savannah's interviews last night. She told me today that she knew last night Savannah was perfect . Very talented and had just the looks they were looking for. Fair complexion. Dusting of freckles over the nose. Classic all American preteen. And very talented to boot. She couldn't believe how Savannah was not nervous or afraid one bit to go on the cat walk/ runway they had set up and how she looked her dead in the eye to answer all of her questions. She said Savannah seems very mature for her age. More mature than some of the older girls are. And that what really impressed her was that when Savannah told her how she loved to sing and how she got up on the stage at her school every Friday morning to sing a different song for the talent show each week. And how Savannah had no fear of performing in public. And she loved how Savannah wanted to not old model but act and sing and dance. And that they really thought she'd be able to do all of that or at least most of it. She seemed very impressed with Savannah. She got us all signed up and Savannah will start her 14 week training classes this Sunday. Savannah will learn all kinds of things, etiquette, makeup , runway poise and turns, how to prepare monologue's for commercials. How to make a professional portfolio. They will do all of her pictures for her photo shoots at John Casablanca's. She will be learning how to audition,resumes, acting lessons, scripts, directors signals , emotions ,cold read skills, individual and group performances.. commercial modeling, television and films, promotional modeling. After she completes her training then they will refer her to one of their agency's and assist her in interviews to secure modeling and acting assignments. Only bad part is we have to drive her to Charlotte NC for everything. So boy are we gonna be on the road and burning gas. But it is so well worth it. To see my baby's goals and dreams come true. this is all she has ever wanted to be able to model and act and sing and be on stage. What a little social bug I have. We will just have to buckle down and get on a much tighter budget so she can do all of those things. And we can afford it. Any way she is so excited. She came home said she had to go upstairs for a minute. i asked what for . She said I need to scream I'm so excited. I asked her to please close her door while she screamed. So she did she yelled her head off. wooo hooo. I made it. I got accepted. She said when she came back down isn't that so cool mom. I knew I'd make it. God I love that little girl. To see her so happy and so excited is awesome. Now wish us lots of luck . And oh yea we need to win the lotto while we are at it. Who knows we may have a future movie star one day. if not at least she will learning valuable skills and life lessons and doing something she likes.
Now to get back to me learning how to run that new embroidery machine of mine. I may have to resort to useing it to make some money for gas and modeling expenses and tuition and books . So ok guys locally if you need something ask me I may can do it for you. But I do not work for free. As my time and my talents as a fabric artist are very valueable. I hope everyone is as excited as we are about all of our exciting news.