Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009

Well it has been a bit since my last post. So so busy these days. Seems like their is hardly any time to do fun stuff. Like blogging, sewing, embroidering. i have been obsessed with getting a ton f embroidery designs and downloading them and cataloging them into my ancient laptop. Which was a big mistake. Because I ended up having to buy a new laptop as my software and it wasn't working out due to ancient technology. Now I am busy transferring designs over to the new laptop & trying to slowly but surely get them cataloged. I did embroider some very cute shirts for the children for Earth Day. I also embroidered some tops for my great niece for her on Easter outfits my sister was making for her. I haven't been able to run and workout like I used to due to some health issues of late. But hopefully soon everything will fall back into place.
Summer has arrived. We have been at the pool all weekend with the kids . Enjoying the upper 80 degree weather tremendously. The last 2 days though it has rained on and off. Yucky thunder and lightening storm during the night here. Everything is turning green. The flowers are a blooming here. The iris are gorgeous along with my amaryllis. I also have Asiatic Lillie's in bloom. Beautiful cream with pink on them. I plan to start on some new sewing projects soon. I recently learned I am to be a great Aunt again. I need to get started on some gorgeous little heirloom baby gowns for the expected arrival. I am thinking lots of embroidery and smocking . Of course and a new soft minke blanket. All new babies need nice soft cosy blankets . And being as I'm the great aunt and the most talented I was told that. I have already had my niece start to put in some requests for the little one to be. As you can tell this new baby is beginning to get me excited about sewing again. been so long since I made Little baby things. My last great niece is now 4 years old.
I learned today that my interview that was done with 5 minutes for mom has been published. I will try to paste the links here for that.

Oh boy my interview has to edited for spelling. Way too many typo's there. I gotta see what I can have done about that. Until my next post I hope everyone remains healthy & happy.

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