Monday, June 1, 2009

Link to my embroidey projects

Hi everyone. I Hope all of you are doing well. We are really enjoying our last week of school here. The kids are so excited that they will be out soon for the summer. We have a fabulous trip planned to Washington D.C. We've been before the kids love it there. So much to see and do. That will be our first big trip for summer. Our last big trip will be a Disney cruise to the Bahamas and Disney's own private island. The children will be swimming with Dolphins. They are so excited. Especially Savannah. She can hardly wait. There will be lots of mini weekends to the beach in between.
I have posted a direct link to my face book page it is on the right near my personal info section. Please go to the face book site to view my photo album there. it contains all of my embroidery projects. Well most of them anyway. So please go take a look. Let me know what you all think. I am having so much fun with this embroidery.
The children are both looking forward to being in a higher grade level next school year. She will be going to the 4th grade and he will be going to the 10th grade. She has made honor roll all year long and perfect attendance all year long. Connor's grades aren't as good as hers but they are still good. He doesn't apply his self like he should. Maybe I expect too much. I have had to learn that B's and a occasional c are ok ...But golly do I love A's ...All I ever made in school was A's so don't always understand why he doesn't want straight A's . Oh well boys go figure.
We love you and hope all of you take care and enjoy your summer.


Kwilty Pleasures said...

Welcome back Tammy. I hope you receive lots of fabric for your breast cancer awareness project. Glad I could help!

Tammy said...

Kathy@ Kwilty Pleaseures thank you a million times over for all ofyour help and for the donation you are sending. And thank you for all of your help with everthing.