Saturday, December 7, 2013

Update on My surgery

I am home. Supposedly all went well. I am having a lot of problems with pain. More so this time than last time. But I am sure in a few days I will feel better. I haven't had any rest during the night hardly. It is very hard t sleep sitting up . Lots of pain in my hip joints and back. Where I have arthritis at.  Looking forward to a better day. My precious little great niece Chloe is the come visit me briefly today. I am sure that will put a smile on face and joy in my heart.  I hope all of  you have a fabulous weekend.  Thank you for all the warm wishes and prayers sent my way. I treasure every single one of them. I value all of you and your friendship's and look forward to getting to know each other even more so in the coming year.
  Thank you and until I am able to sew and quilt again may you all be blessed with creativity and post it all for me to read and see for inspiration.

  Keep on quilting & sewing

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update no photos today

Just to update everyone. I am going into have reconstruction surgery tomorrow. It was going to be in January as that was first available. But my doctor had a cancelation and offered it to me.  I may be offline for a bit. I am unsure exactly how long or if at all. It just depends on how well I do. I am having surgery on both breasts this time. Tissue expander is being taken out and my permanent implant will be placed into the right breast that I lost to the cancer. And my left breast will be lifted and a small implant placed in it.  Due to having had a couple lumpectomy's on that side already. I need to have a implant over their as well.  I will look symmetrical again...I am excited to move onward.  But not excited to face more surgery.  I haven't posted in a while. But I am alive and well. Just extremely busy.  Always so much to do.  I have been doing mostly hand stitchery projects. But I have also made some table runners and mug rugs as well.   I will respond to posts and emails as soon as I am able to.  Thank you for following my blog. And thank you to all the well wishes and warmth I receive from so many of you.
Hugs until next time,