Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday October 21

Been a while since I posted last. I have been very busy here. Savannah broke her right pinkie finger a little over a week ago. She is in a cast up to her mid forearm. I have been sewing custom made 18 inch American girl Doll clothes for a customer. She plans to give them as Christmas gift to her granddaughter. i am also working on a few for Savannah for Christmas as well. And today I got more work into do. It has turned cool here . Winter has finally arrived. Luckily it warmed up very nice this afternoon. So the kids could all get out to play after school. I am sad to see summer come to an end. I just hate this cool weather. I much prefer the heat. Well my little princess will be turning 9 in 12 days. It seems so hard to believe that I have a child of that age in addition to my 15 yr old. Wow where has the time gone. Seems like only yesterday I was coming home form the hospital with them. She is planning a very small little sleepover here with 2 of her best friends . We will also cook out and have cake and ice cream. I can't wait to see her pretty little face when she opens our gift to her this year. Any way. Just wanted to pop in and say a quick hi to everyone and let you know We are all still alive here. Just buys as ever. Cheer leading will soon be starting up and we will be very busy with practices and games weekly.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

And more pics

Thursday Oct 9. 2008

Ok for my second post of the day. I wanted to add some pics of recent thin gs I had made Savannah and hadn't had a chance to post yet. She is so cute I think . One is a blouse made out of vintahe polyester. My mom gave it to me from her stash. It is made by a vintage pattern I wore shirts made from when I was a child. The other one is really cute outfit. Made with paisley appliques on the pants.

Friday Oct. 10,2008

Hi all. Well another busy week will soon come to an end. Savannah has early release day today. So we will get to spend some nice quality time together. Girl time.. I finished a really cute peasant dress for her last night. It is a Halloween themed one. She wore it to school today. It looks so cute and bright and colorful on her. We got a few pics. They aren't the best pics. She wasn't a very cooperative little model this morning. She was so tired. I will try and post the pics. We are looking forward to a nice slow weekend here. As we area ll exhausted. john is teaching at one of the local college campuses 2 nights a week now and also as of yesterday he has 2 online classes as week he is teaching this semester. In addition to his regular day job. Savannah's parent teacher conference for this semester was last night. It went very well. She has the highest scores for her standardized MAP tests in her class. She has made straight 100's on all her work all year long so far. The teacher is very impressed with her. She is the best reader and math child in the entire class. YEEAAAAA....THAT'S MY GIRL...Sorry had to take a bragging moment there. Well her birthday is fast approaching. She has put in a order for an American girl doll . She now wants Ruthie,( Kit's Friend) or Kit or the Samantha doll. Or any clothing or accessories to go with the 18 inch dolls. OK guys these are good Christmas present and Birthday present ideas. As we have planned to get her a different doll. We will be getting her the Just Like You doll. Which is an American Girl Doll that is made to your specifications to match your child's skin, hair, eye colors. I gotta get busy makeing doll clothes as I plan to give her some for Christmas. I am way behind in my sewing these days.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Oct. 5, 2008

Well I've had one very busy week. We went the the mountains of North Carolina last Sunday to pick apples. Well I ended up with about 2 1/2 bushels of assorted apples. SO I have been so busy this past week canning apples around the clock. We have apple butter, apple sauce, apple jelly , apple pie filling, cooked apples