Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Sewing Room

Ok guess I messed something up this was schedueled to be posted last week. Which oviously never happend.  the cutting table is now cleaner as I took the  foldable pining board off of it since I was through sewing the baby stuff and no longer needed it up their .My sewing room is a mess and stays a mess. Sorry folks it is the one room in my house that is a total disaster. Other wise my home is very neat and all ways in place. I have never been able to achieve this in the sewing area though.  I just have too much stuff. And yes I need it all. Even when clean it is still a disaster.  My sewing room is upstairs in the huge bonus room... It is a dual purpose room. Part sewing room and Part work out room.  I am gonna try and post a few  pictures.  It is a large room  and I have kinda got it divided into areas.
My machine embroidery area. I used to  do a lot of embroidery when both my kids were in school during the day. I ran a at home monogramming business. All that was before we moved here . Life was so much simpler then.
To the left of my embroidery machine  is my embroidery supplies  and my books and patterns area
OK on the wall getting to this area is where my paper crafting  area is. I also have my sewing machine accessories in these drawers
Now to the right of this area is where my sewing and sergeing are done.

Now to the right of the sewing machine is my cutting table and prep area.
Now to the right of this area is where my daughter does her art work at. Painting and drawing. This is hat she was working on last weekend. it is supposed to be an Egyptian lady.
To the right of this is the television . So we can watch while we are working out.  All the workout equipment is on the wall to the left .
When you come into the sewing room to the right is where my mannequin is. $10.00 off of Craigs list. I currently have her decorated with a huge flower bouquet a little girl gave my daughter. I didn't know where else to put it. So for now it lives on the mannequin.
And that folks is my sewing room or studio which ever you prefer to call it. Purely functional. No decorating to it...Maybe one day I will get it all repainted as I do not like the color of it and maybe one day I will get some new curtains or toppers hung. But for now it works  as is. I hope you all liked the tour of my sewing room. I always love to see where people create. Of course mine is not near colorful or exciteing as a lot of them I see online.  
Until next time keep on sewing & and  quilting
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Mary Anne Drury said...

Hi Tammy ! I don't think your sewing room is a mess ...... it's immaculate compared to mine !!! (mine should be on "Hoarders" ).

P.S. thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment on my baby quilt! Please stop back for more visits ! I added your blog to my Bloglovin list (would love for you to add my blog to yours too!)

Diane said...

I would NOT call that a disaster! It looks very organized to me, with a place for everything. You do have lots of stuff but it seems quite organized and accessible. I like the way each little nook has it's own purpose.Good for you!

Val Spiers said...

Hi Tammy, your sewing room is great. Lots of work stations and storage areas.