Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well I could not sleep. So I spent a few hours last night going through a huge plastic Rubbermaid bin full of old vintage patterns I have collected over the years. I have decided I really do love those old styles. I noticed every single dress and blouse almost ll used long 22 inch zipper sin the backs for closure. Wish I knew how to convert the backs with button closures instead of the long expensive zippers. Unsure how to do that. Unless I used buttons down the entire back length of the dress. Boy would that be a ton of buttons ans it would distract from the dress looks. Oh well just a thought. I found a neat blog today while reading and searching this morning. It has a great tutorial on it for pin cousins too. Here is the link to the blog. Go check it out. Wonderful to see so many crafty women on line with blogs. Nice to know I'm not the only young woman in the world that loves to sew.
I need to start a link maybe on my blog that links back to others blogs with tutorials. I'm sure some of you crafty momas out there would enjoy it and learn from these lady's like I do. Tammy

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