Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I started working on a shirt yesterday that I had cut out Monday. We had bad storms last night. it is still raining today. I have hopes of finishing the shirt today. It is a super cute print. It is made with one of the newer patterns I bought recently. It reminds me of the stuff we wore in the 70's growing up. I was busy canning yesterday. i put up 1 quart of okra in the freezer and 1 quart jar of string beans and 4 pint jars of string beans from my garden. I also have the dehydrator loaded down with tomatoes, peers, figs and a few grapes and apples. The dehydrated tomatoes will go in soups and stews this winter. The dehydrated fruit; my daughter and I love to snack on it. The kids get out of school early today. So I may not get too much accomplished around here.

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