Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Old Passions Are Being Rekindeled

Well  as you all know a while back I joined up to do Jenny at Elefantz new BOM  Shabby Roses Home . You can check it out here if you aren't familiar with it,
 Well might I add my old passions for hand embroidery or hand stitchin as some folks call it have been rekindled. I am having a blast. I organized one of my embroidery thread boxes. Then a few days before my surgery  Hubby and I made a trip to the city to Joann's Fabric store. I needed to by some iron on stabilizer to back  my embroidery pieces. I also needed to purchase some new needles and some more threads. Unfortunately I bought the wrong size needles. They are too large more for tapestry or cross stitch. But that is OK they will get used at some point, As luck had it all the normal DMC floss was on sale for 28 cents a piece. I obught this multi pack of floss because the colors are all varigated. And  I thought they would look very  lovely in projects.
I had never bought these ball type yarn flosses before. but they were on clearance for 75 cents a piece if they are too big for  me to use for embroidery I will give them to my older sister who is learning to crochet and I know she uses this type thread as trim on baby blankets .  
A few days later I went to a store called Big Lots. They are a discount store and I go a few times a year to stock up on things that I   can get much cheaper their. As We are all ways on a budget and I needed to stock up on stuff before my surgery. Well guess what I found fabric....yes the first time I had ever seen any their. I have no clue as to the quality of it. But being as I am not a fabric snob at all I thought it was a fabulous deal. . I want to make something for special family member out of it. One who all ways seems to help me out no matter what I can always depend  upon her day or night.
And I finally found these frixion pens I have been looking for. I found them at Target while back to school shopping for my daughter. Yea.....score for me
and fianlly my baby sister has brought me 2 quilting magazines the past couple days when she has come to visit me since my surgery.  She is the best.  I would be so lost without her. My very own perssonal nurse. She is the most loveing person.  She is a Geriatric's  nurse in a nurseing home.  She bought me one of these cause thier is a owl on the cover she said. She knows how I love owls. 
I don't get to do much shopping or buying  things for my hobbies these days. So I feel like I have won the lottery here lately.  So enjoying all my new cool crafty items. I just had to show off all my sweet new items.....
 Until next time keep on stitchin and quilting
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Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

All these goodies should cheer you up and lift your spirits! I luv Big Lots and I also have th Quick Quilt ps magazine. Great patterns In it! Thanks for sharing the fun!

Rhonda said...

What great goodies. Those marking pens are the best. And if you forget and iron off the markings just pop the fabric in the freezer for a while and the markings come back. How cool is that!!
Can you tell I've accidently done that before....LOL