Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My First Time & The 1st Part Is Finished

I have been working on Jenny at ELEFANTZ Blog new BOM. Shabby Roses Home is the name of it.

      I must admit my hand stitchery or embroidery skills are very very rusty.  The last hand stitchery I did was for my daughters little smocked outfits. Which you can see some of those here on the blog  in the  earliest posts.  So it has been several years now... Let's  see how many years ....dum....ummmm  since 2008 or 2009 ....Quiet a long while.

 So I have been following Jenny's blog now for some time. I am all ways  delighted to see her  projects. Well when I saw this  project I just new I had to do it. So I jumped right in and  decided to this BOM. It is my very first BOM ever... My very first project badge to  go up on my blog as well.  So here goes some photos of said project.

Step one for me was to audition my fabrics. I decided to use the unbleached muslin for the background fabric of the embroideries them self.  I chose a few older pieces I had.  For the  alphabets I decided on a tiny blue floral print. And for the chimney was a dark brown. I also chose a small green  floral. What it will go on I am unsure but the color ties in with the  lovely fat quarter pack  I chose to use. The fat quarter pack is a recent purchase. It is Home Spun Chic by MeLody Ross for Blend fabrics.  I found it at the Tuesday Morning store for $7.99 which obviously was a great deal as it had a regular price tag on it for $19.99
So I got to work   The first Block is actually  2 smaller blocks combined. So here is the first part  which is the alphabets. You use applique and embroidery and machine piecing for this project. 

Sorry this picture isn't very good.  Their was too much light coming in I believe.  So this is the first half of the block. I messed up on the letter a it is slightly tilted. And I had a hard time centering everything as well....Then I moved on to the next block which is the house part.
I was close to completion. but still had more flowers and greenery to do int he lower right corner as well as try and figure out the stitch for the path to the door. Well I bombed on that stitch. I just couldn't get it. I kept having to  pick it out. Then I said to heck with that I would do what I could do and it would just look how ever it turned out. Patience is not something I possess.  Here is a close up of the completed house.
And finally is my finished block. I have a lot to learn and improve upon. I just hope my next block will be a lot neater and prettier.
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Until next time keep on sewing & quilting.


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Well, the house looks super cute and the blanket stitch is perfect!!! I think you chose some good fabrics. I have heard other people getting good deals at Tuesday Morning but there's not one nearby me. Wish there was!

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Lookin GOOD? Jenny has some great patterns.

Janine said...

This has turned out beautifully! I'll look forward to seeing the next one :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your block Tammy - and I love Jenny's patterns too. I wanted to do this one but just have too many UFOs waiting for me to commit to another thing! blessings, marlene

Barb said...

Oh...I love what you are the house