Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Important Update no pictures today.

Wanting to let everyone know that I will be away from blogging for a little while.  I hope to be able to return as soon as possible.  Tomorrow August 14th is my surgery. I will be going in to have my mastectomy for breast cancer.  I am also gonna start the breast reconstruction  process immediately following the mastectomy.  I  will not be able to do much for a while.  This will be a long drawn out process to get from ground zero to building a boob.  The only thing I have going for me is the fact that I am not over endowed up top.... The plastic surgeon told me depending on how it goes I have a 20 % chance of waking up with a implant in place  and a 80% chance of  waking up with a tissue expander in place . The tissue expander's are gradually inflated each week . Which in turn stretches the skin slowly.  So it gives you more tissue to work with. And  once their is enough skin then they remove the tissue expander and place your implant.
     Wish me luck everyone. I do believe I will be needing lots of luck on this endeavor. And lots of prayer also.  This is definitely the last thing I ever thought I would be doing  at 43.  
    Their are all kinds of fancy flap procedures one can have for reconstruction. But I opt not to do those as they involve a lot more healing time. Are a lot more painful and create multiple surgical sites on your body. I need to be able to heal  as fast as possible and get my strength back quickly. So I can take care of my 13 year old daughter  and my 19 year old special needs son.  My daughters first day of school is this coming Monday.  

   Keep on quilting and sewing


Janine said...

Tammy, I wish you very, very good luck! I hope it all goes well and you heal really fast. I'll be thinking of you :)

Jennifer Reynolds said...

God bless you and be by your side through this, Tammy...and may you know His presence and find your strength and peace in it.

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said... are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope this all goes smoothly! Fight like a girl! Hugs.

Diane said...

I will be thinking of you and sending you positive, healing wishes. Take good care of yourself and best of luck for a quick recovery!

QuiltSue said...

Tammy I had no idea of what you've been going through, but I surely will be thinking of you and wish you well.

Michelle said...

Take care of yourself! I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly.

CalamityJr said...

Tammy, I came to your blog from a comment on Jenny's. just wanted to let you know I hope everything is going well for you and that I'll be praying for you and your family.