Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mailbox Surprise

A Mailbox Holding A Surprise
  Boy was I surprised today to open my mailbox to discover that my friend Kathy Gordon  who blogs over at  Kwilty Pleasures had sent me a lovely Ziploc bag full of white and pink scraps  to start on my project.   This was crammed full of goodies she shared with me. Kathy is a sweetheart. If you have never visited her over their, please go give her some love.  I also received another small  scrap bag gift from a new online sewing friend named Angie. Pinks left over from some girly projects. Thank you tremendously ladies.  I finished my husbands patriotic mug rug today. This one is for him to take to the office. The stripes are not  very straight. But oh well all he is gonna do is stain it with coffee anyway I

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Janine said...

Your husband's mug rug looks great. Good luck with your breast cancer project :)