Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16,2010

Well tomorrow is my childrens last day at school. Then our christmas holiday officially begins...We still need to get our tree put up. We plan to do that this weekend..We have been so busy of late. Our tree is usually put up right after Thanksgiving. My children have been busy makeing out their list of gifts they wan't from Santa. Sometimes it amazes me the things they would ask Santa Clause to bring them. Needless to say as they get older the items on their list get more and more expensive...Well I can honestly say most of those items Santa will not be delivering...My son actually asked for a apple I Pad....I kid you not...ok so that is definitely not gonna be delivered. My daughter wants a new miniture longhaired female Dachshund puppy...Ok item 2 that Santa isn't gonna deliver...She has been scouring the internet looking at Breeder sites from all over and she has found several she wants they range from $200.00 to $900.00 dollars....Isn't it amazeing when 10 year olds are smart enough to search and shop'm just glad their is no buy it now button for are a whole slew of them would possibly show up on my doorstep...This is gonna be the first year we haven't bought her a new doll ...Now I am wishing I had ordered her one...I did make her a new outfit and a coat and purse for her American girl Dolls...And I bought her a trunk with some clothing for them...My son of course is all into electronic gadgets, gizmos and video games... I am hopeing the children do enjoy what they isn't gonna be that much but I want them to really enjoy their Christmas Day and be able to look back fondly on the wonderful traditions and memories that will be made


Allison said...

Hi Tammy! I saw your comment but couldn't find your email! I don't have a pattern/tutorial for the trunk of that scrap buster tree...sorry! I just free handed lines aren't perfectly straight either but it adds to the "real-ness". :) Have a great day- Allison

Diane Swett said...

just read your blog. I totally relate to the Christmas lists...we didn't have the internet in the day when my 2 youngest were 10 & 5 but I remember my Son scouring the newspaper adds and made a list - the top item was a Drag Race Car - a real one. his list was so organized by store, item & cost. Needless to say he did not get the racecar. lol - I saved the list and would take it out each Christmas -