Friday, November 5, 2010

A few of my old toys


MelaniƩ said...

Oh, love old Sewing Machines

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Michelle said...

You've got to tell us more -- do you sew on them? Where did they come from?

Tammy said...

I have sewn on the old Singer a bit...It was orginally a Freecycle freebie that was inteneded for my daughter till we got had to have a new plug wired in as the plug fell apart soon as she tried to plug it up after I had cleaned and oiled everthing. The aqua sew more I have sewn on very little...But I love it..It is so beautiful. It came form a Salvation Army about 13 years agi and I paid $15.00 for it I think if I remember correctly. After the last move the sewmore acts kinda funny.