Friday, September 6, 2013

Todays post

Contained  a nice  package all the way from Austrailia.

I won a couple weeks back a lovely package of products that Jenny of  Elefantz blog uses to do her beautiful embroidery with here is the link to her blog to the giveaway I won. I have included the picture of the giveaway from Jennys site. This is her picture below here not mine.
Inside was a  the needles she uses for her hand embroidery. They type of pen she uses  to trace her designs with. And a beautiful piece of aqua toned fabric. White hanky linen. And  a product I was most anxious to get my hands on . Something called Weaveline to fuse behind your traced design  before you embroider it. I have never seen this product and have been wanting to see some to know what it is she uses. So boy was I lucky I won this.  Also was two gorgeous thread packs it is a brand called Cosmo Seasons threads. I have never heard of this brand before. But I do believe they seem to have lots more and better stitchery products in Australia than here in USA where I live.  Then again maybe I live under a rock and have lots to learn yet. She also included a gorgeous paper pattern for her stitchery design called  Colour Your Heart. It is gorgeous. And she had it all wrapped up so pretty. And sent the most gorgeous little miniature card I have ever laid eyes on. Just a beautiful gift to receive today. Thank you Jenny. I love every single item and will use it all I promise you. So I took some pictures of my beautiful  wins in the kit. My pictures are never as pretty as anyone else's seem to be but here goes.
Do u see my beautiful little card that had a lovely message from Jenny un it to me. The butterfly has a 3 D effect raised up off the card a bit. So cute.
wrapped u so prettily...look at that lovely blue ribbon. It makes you want to see what is waiting insude doesn't it.
 And she had put in in wonderful protective plastic liner to keep it nice and safe while in enroute. Thank you  so much. for this extra step. Oh so now I get to open it up and and unstack those goodies....
Such pretty and useful stitchin goodies. I notice the needels she uses are much finer than mine. No wonder her stitchin allways looks so pretty and feminine and mine is so clunky looking. . The floss is so shiny and pretty and it feels like a lot finer in quality than the DMC stuff I buy to use.
Now I have heard only a couple times fo these pens before. It is called Zig.  I need to look for this. The tip is like super fine. I can definitely see why she uses this to trace her designs with now.
And last is a picture of the fabrics  and the weaveline she irons on to the backs of her embroideries. It looks just like a large open weave fabric. Very light and airy...I am definitely gonna look for some of this stuff.
 That hanky linen is gorgeous. And look at that beautiful aqua blue print fabric. Is that just not the prettiest shade you have ever seen.. All of it is gorgeous and wonderful and very useful things to me. Jenny thank you so much again. If you haven't been over to Jennys blog please go visit her. She is so filled with talent. And has the most beautiful stitchery patterns. She sells them on Craftsy also and has some gorgeous free ones their as well.


Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Wowzee! You have been winning a bit of great stuff lately! Can't wait to see the finished goods! Have fun!

QuiltSue said...

What a lovely win, congratulations.

Hope you are feeling reasonably OK?

Sherry said...

Congratulations on winning Jenny's giveaway. I have followed her for quite a while now and I love her designs.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

So pleased you liked the prize...have you used them yet? What do you think?