Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday December 30th

Well it sure has been extremely busy around here lately. Hardly anytime to do much of anything these days. Birthday and anniversary came and went. I got the awesome Rowena Steam Engine . Yes I told my dear husband what I would like. He told me to make him a list of ever thing I wanted had fun writing down everything from mega expensive to way cheap. You just never know. He might win a sweepstakes or something and be able to get me the really big ticket items one day. Then he will have his list to refer Any way I got the steam engine which is something I've wanted for a very very long time now. It is a dream of an iron. I bet not a lot of women my age would request an iron. But if you all are familiar with the steam engine it is so much more than just an iron. Also he gave me a wonderful gift certificate to Creative Sewing Center . Here is the link to those of you that may be in South Carolina that read my blog. It is an awesome place they have a little bit of everything for all your sewing/ embroidering/ quilting / heirloom and smocking/ craft needs. Any my most favorite of all is all the sewing machines and fabrics and patterns that they carry. And classes for everything. It is my most favorite store in the whole wide world. If ever in this area it is an absolute must that you go check Mrs. Peggy and all of her super smart/ friendly & talented staff out. I promise you will not go away disappointed.
My husband got me a new sewing machine while at Creative Sewing Centers annual Christmas open house. It was a great fun filled exciting day. I won a great prize while there . A one minute shopping spree to fill a bag with whatever I wanted and could fit in it in 1 minutes time. They added up my things I got $1600.00 worth of stuff stuffed in that bag. Wow talk about thing s adding up quickly. What a wonderful prize that was. I have never in my life won anything before so that was a really big treat. I felt kinda guilty about it afterwards though. I felt bad to take that much stuff. I know She has a business to run and the economy isn't that great these days. I am very thankful and appreciative of those items I won. Well that sewing machine was my Christmas and birthday and anniversary and everything else gift rolled all into one for a very long time to come. he surprised me with it. I had no idea he was gonna get me a machine much less the one he got me. It was on my dream list of items. I have had so many women tell me that day and since that I am a very lucky woman for having a husband that supports my interests and hobbies like he does. He told me I deserve to have it because of all I do here to take care of the house and kids and dog and yard and garden and everything else. That he knows I will definitely get my use and someone Else's share out of it. That he knows it will not collect dust..Lol...boy is he right. My machines and things never just collect dust. I wear the poor things out. I definitely get my use and moneys worth out of them for sure. I have been very busy online doing a bunch of research and tutorials to figure out everything I need to know to be able to use my new machine effectively and to be able to do all the functions that it can perform. Boy that has been time consuming all the reading of manuals and online tutorials I have been doing. I have only done a few designs on it so far. I am funny I know. But I want it all to turn out perfect . So I am going slowly with it. I have been very busy trying to get him to rebuild one of the kids used computers just for my sewing room. As you all may or may not know he is a computer geek by trade. Lucky me. I need a computer expert to help me with this . I was trying to do it on my own. I am not a computer geek that is for sure. Lol.. My talents definitely lie elsewhere than with computers. It has been slow go though as he doesn't have a lot of spare time at home to mess with it. Slowly but surely he will get it all done for me and then I will be able to get up and running and doing everything I want to be able to master on it. getting ready for Christmas was very time consuming this year. I had tons of baking to do. I started my shopping much later than usual this year. That seemed to take me forever and getting it all wrapped was a nightmare. I was still up wrapping all day and half the night on Christmas eve.
Savannah's Nana gave her the American girl Doll Julie for her Christmas present. And Santa brought her the Ivy American girl doll here. Ivy and Julie are best buddies. If you all have girls and follow the American Girl Dolls you know the dolls are from different periods in time and wear period clothing and have a best buddy. they have a series of books for each doll about her life and adventures . She got the vanity with stool, bathtub and table and chairs with tea set for her dolls from Santa . Along with 2 boxes of gorgeous custom made dolly clothing courtesy of dear old mom...AKA me...Oh she has been thrilled with all those dolly clothes . My son of course as always got the boyish, computery video gameish things and the items he collects from Santa and Nana and mom and dad.
I am so glad Christmas is officially over with here. I have finally got all the decorations taken down and packed up and back in the attic. it seems the older I get the less I enjoy decorating for all these holidays. It seems to be such a chore. and So time consuming. Now hopefully I can get back on track with my sewing and crafting hobbies. I also have to get back to training in the gym. As I have been kinda slack lately. There just is not enough hours in the day to get it all done. I think I might just have way too many interest and hobbies. We have a big race in the spring coming up and I need to train very hard for it. Since I hurt my leg last winter . it has been very hard for me to get back to running great distances with any speed. every time I try I re injure my leg. Which isn't good at all. So I have got a lot of work to do in the gym. I did run a little over 7 miles on Sunday. Which was awesome for me I haven't been able to go that far in a while now. Now to get a little more distance in and then get my speed slowly built back up. i gotta do it all slowly and do it one step at a time so as not to re injure that leg. I do not want my running to end ... I only want it to improve. You know it is so hard to fathom sometimes that i can run like that. I never thought I would ever be able to run 1 mile much less more than 7 . At 200 pounds I was doing good to put one foot in front of the next at 5 foot 1 1/2 inches. Boy have I come a l very long way these past few years. I can't help but be proud of me when I look back . it was a long road from 200 lbs to 110. But I got there and did it all on my own. But it sure was hard work. And it is a battle ever day to keep it off and try to keep in shape. Truly is a lifestyle change. Things were mush easier when I could just bake and cook and eat anything I wanted anytime. Can't do that now. I am gonna try and be more faithful with my blogging this coming year. Keep everyone more up to date on us. Hopefully I will be able to live up to that. I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed New year as we go into 2009.

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